About Us:
GIMRET & Co. – Engineering and Industrial Services is part of the HORIZON Group of Companies which was founded in Germany in the year 1971. Shortly thereafter, it has established its presence in India (1973) as well as in other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Since then, it has rapidly grown and is well connected with a firm grip on the market scenarios of the both the continents. GIMRET and the HORIZON Group of Companies have presently manufacturing facilities and offices in Europe and India.

GIMRET is a knowledge intensive, professional supplier of integrated technical services, installations and machines, catering to various fields in Electrical and Environmental Engineering, Automation and Process Control, Sheet Metal Testing, Material Testing, Network Security Systems, Complete Wearing Solutions. Food Processing and Packaging, Steel, Paper & Pulp, Chemicals, Healthcare, GIS, as well as Shipping & Dredging. GIMRET is also very active in offering extensive Services in Distribution as well as Trading & Sourcing for the needs of various industrial and consumer segments in both regions.
GIMRET manufactures Packaging Machines for the Food Processing Industry and specialised Cheese Melting Machines with double sterilisation circuits for continuous production, as well as Control Panels in its most modern production facilities, which are ISO-9001 certified. Furthermore, GIMRET manufactures the SG Product Line, machines for the Paper and Board, Textiles and Food Industries for cleaning of the felt, thereby enhancing existing machine capabilities and benefiting the industry through improved quality, extended fabric life, increased production and lower energy costs.
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