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CO.FO.ME.GRA. was founded in 1948 by Mr. Aleardo Spreafico to design and manufacture carbon arc lamps, later on xenon lamps and photo-etching machines for zinc and magnesium plates.
Products overview:
CO.FO.ME.GRA. produces 6 test chambers simulating closely full spectrum of the sun, temperature and moisture in the form of rain, dew and humidity. Filtered xenon lamps are used in large variety of applications in paints, coatings, textiles, plastics, automotive, packaging , inks, roofing pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.
Corrosion Box Salt Spray Test
COFOMEGRA produces a wide range of 10 Salt Spray chambers and 2 Humidity chambers and also with SO2 for Kesternich tests, so to have the model with the capability you need.

Innovative space saving horizontal and vertical salt spray chambers: providing salt fog, humidity,cyclic prohesion and dry corrosion tests for realistic simulation of natural corrosion. Humidity Chambers with also SO2 for Kesternich test.
Portable Colour reflection/transmission measuring instruments for accurate quality controls in prepress,offset and flexo prees room. New DFP 406ctp calibration system and plate measuring instruments. Gloss meters device foe varnish controls.
Ultramatic Etching systems for magnesium and zinc plates ULTRAMATIC 40 litres
Plate size up to 40x50 cm (16”x 20”)
ULTRAMATIC 90 litres Plate size up to 50x65 cm.(20”x25”)
ULTRAMATIC 200 litres Plate size up to 77x102 cm (30”x 40”)
Acid Dispenser Bath preparation and levelling system.
UV EXPOSURE SYSTEM Magnesium and zinc exposure
Frame UV lamp with correct spectrum For plate thickness up to 7 mm.
PROFESSIONAL 600 Band saw, with 4,5 m. long blade, for cutting zinc and magnesium plates.

Magnesium and Zinc photo-etching machines producing dies for hot foil stamping,embossing, label cutting and nameplates. Five models available for different size and accessories for complete etching laboratory. Steel etching equipments.

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