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Network Security Systems:

GIMRET provides the network security systems of Compumatica secure networks - with their highlevel security solutions.

Compumatica secure networks provide security solutions for the protection of highly sensitive data transmitted over public or private networks.

  CG VPN 5500
  CG VPN 5800
  CG VPN 5900
  CG VPN 500
Product overview:
Our solution portfolio secures all existing and complex communication connections within your organization.
CryptoGuard VPN family – for secure Virtual Private Networks
The CryptoGuard VPN series protects your network flexibly, effectively and economically.
CryptoGuard VPN can either be configured and operated in the IPsec mode or in a special VPN mode; it is the globally leading product for the encryption of satellite connections.

CryptoWall – the only three-stage high-security firewall on the market
With the CryptoWall, a firewall arrangement for maximum security can be established: with access control, strong encryption, proxy technology, packet filtering and numerous options to control the data stream.

CompuWall – single-stage application layer firewall
The CompuWall is a firewall for all types of networks that is based on the highest security level for firewall architectures: the Application Gateway principle.
The CompuWall is equipped with antivirus software ( CLAM AV) and malicious-content check.

Security Management Station (SMS) – central administration and configuration
It is used for the key management and for the setup of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The SMS communicates with the components to be managed in an encrypted way: A common weak point open for attacks on security systems is thus eliminated.
Compumatica GSM
Compumatica secure networks presents the latest encrypted mobile phone with Compumatica technology, as the ultimate solution to protect all GSM voice and SMS communications.

Available on a new and very attractive device, our technology benefits from new audio hardware that ensures a complete absence of echo, providing the best voice quality, comparable to that of a traditional phone call.

The advantage of the technology used in the Compumatica secure GSM mobile device is that it is easy to use and yet extremely powerful.
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