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Packaging Machinery:
GIMRET manufactures and distributes a range of multifunctional packaging machinery especially for packaging in the Food Processing Industry.

GIMRET undertakes the design, manufacture, supply, project management as well as the execution and Production Control Computerization (PLC) of these systems. The solutions provided by GIMRET are purely based on and are tailor-made to the various requirements of the customers. These systems are automated packaging systems and are used for the packaging of various end products of the Food Processing Industry.

For example, an automated packing system by GIMRET can be used for the cheese refinery industries. On the left-hand side is a buffer for intermediate layers and on the right-hand side a tray-feed facility.

The control cabinet is designed for the multifunctional packer. The packer uses servo systems for three-dimensional position determination.
System overview
     Four servo controllers – e. g. Yaskawa
     Programmable logic control – e. g. Siemens type P7
     Cabinet - stainless steel
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